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Act Your Way into a Different Way of Thinking

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  1. Bob Larcher

    Leaning back (both physically & psychologically) from a problem would certainly give a larger perspective; maybe one would spot things not seen when too close.

    My Dad always used to say either “sleep on it” or make yourself a cup of tea before deciding!

    • PSA

      Sound advice from your Dad. I find it fascinating that a well known psychological trick to metaphorically step back from a problem, has a real physical link. I wonder what came first, the metaphorical or the physical? Having written the article I read in the ‘Week’ Magazine that recent research has founded that right handed people are more likely to choose objects or people on their right hand side, and vice versa for lefties. So if you want a positive decision from your boss, find out which hand they write with and sit on that side. It has to be worth a try!


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