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Networks: Ideas, Viruses and Fake News

Networks are currently in the firing line for having spread coronavirus along with all the associated conspiracy theories that are only making matters worse. But networks are also critical to finding a vaccine and overcoming the dislocation of social distancing. A virile network will spread the good, the bad and the just plain ugly –…

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The Myth of the Heroic Leader

When Mackenzie and Jeff Bezos divorced last year speculation was rife as to how much Mackenzie would receive out of an estimated $136bn fortune. In an excellent article at the time, Louise Matsakis,[1] challenged the hype about Mackenzie ‘becoming’ the richest woman in the world because, as half of the richest couple on earth, she…

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Women Need Two Networks

We know that men are more likely to rise to leadership positions than women. According to a CIPD review of FTSE 100 Companies in 2016 there were fewer female CEOs (6 in total) than CEOs named David (8) or Steve/Stephen (7). We also know that social networks are critical to professional advancement. This made me…

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